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I finally got the Close To My Heart Artiste cartridge for the Cricut. And then I finally got a chance to use it. It has some of the neatest designs ever. I can’t wait to spend more quality time with it.

I only had limited time this morning before work. I quickly cleared a spot on my desk (which has been accumulating ‘stuff’ for the past couple of months), grabbed some card stock and got started.

Box Box1

The box is small – about 3 1/2″ X 4 1/2″. I’m not sure what I will do with it. I was thinking about making a small set of small “Thank You” or “Thinking of You” cards. Or maybe just put in a few pieces of candy and give it to someone who could use some cheering up.


These are a couple of extra flowers I made. Now I’ll have to make a card or something use them on. After cutting the flower shapes with the Cricut, I used a popsicle stick type rub on stick to shape the petals. I added the pink card stock centers (also cut with the Cricut), and then added the half-pearls. Given a little more time, I would have found ink pads that matched the cardstock and inked the edges to give it a little more depth and shading.

This was posted in the Create365 group on Facebook. If you’re interested in participating  it’s not too late. The more creative minds in one place, the better.

Until we craft again . . .